Diversité et Identité Culturelle en Europe
DICE Review 10.2 – November 2013
Issues / 10th November 2013

Issue 10.2 of the DICE Review has now been published. To download it, please click on the link below: DOWNLOAD: Download Full Text Download Abstracts TABLE OF CONTENTS: ÉDITORIAL Laura-Mihaela MUREŞAN, Mariana NICOLAE, Roxana-Magdalena BÂRLEA Intercultural Perspectives in Education and Research/9 LA QUALITÉ DANS L’ENSEIGNEMENT DES LANGUES ET DANS LA RECHERCHe Oana Maria CARCIU A Phraseological Approach to Spanish Scholars’ Rhetorical Strategies in English-Medium Research Publication/13 Laura-Mihaela MUREŞAN, Mirela BARDI A Genre-Based Approach to Teaching Research Writing in a Romanian EAP Context/ 25 Ruxandra CONSTANTINESCU-ŞTEFĂNEL Les caracteristiques du discours publicitaire des magazines français du début du XXI-e siècle. L’exemple de «Capital»/ 39 Sorina CHIPER ICT Tools to Improve the Quality of Intercultural Communication Classes in English/51 Rodica STANCIU-CAPOTĂ, Maria Ana OPRESCU Enseignement et apprentissage du français langue étrangère. Interférences culturelles/61 Lucia-Mihaela GROSU Improving Students’ Employability Chances – Foreign Language Trainers’ Role/67 Maria DĂRĂBANȚ Quality and Intercultural Aspects in Romanian Higher Education/75 Elena SAVU Awareness and Motivation in Cross-Cultural Language Teaching/85 Arina GREAVU A Classification of Borrowings: Observations from Romanian / English Contact/95 Florentina ALEXANDRU The Intercultural Communication Competence – Is It a Mere Concept of Economic Globalization or Has It Become Already a Social and Professional Reality?/105 Cornelia PĂTRU Euphemistische…