Diversité et Identité Culturelle en Europe
DICE Review 12.1 – April 2015
Issues / 10th April 2015

Issue 12.1 of the DICE Review has now been published. To download it, please click on the link below: DOWNLOAD: Download Full Text Download Abstracts TABLE OF CONTENTS: FONDEMENTS DU DIALOGUE CULTUREL Petre Gheorghe BARLEA The professional identity of the (Romanian) academic/7 Ervin XHINAKU; Olsa PEMA The totalitarian achievement and maintenance of absolute control over man in George Orwell’s „1984” and Ismail Kadare’s „The Palace of Dreams”/25 Celia GHYKA Defining spatial violence. Bucharest as a study case/37 Florentina MATACHE Paul Gottereau – a French cultural model to the Romanian architecture in the second half of the nineteenth century/51 Mihaela-Viorica CONSTANTINESCU Meta communicative aspects of im/politeness in mid-19th century Romanian Principalities/ 61 Gabriela STOICA Fericire (Bonheur) – conceptualisation et lexicalisation à l’époque Roumaine prémoderne/79 CONFLUENCES Ioan CRISTESCU Dramatic structures in religious oratory case study – Antim Ivireanu’s „Didahii”/101 Corina Daniela POPESCU Several representations of the foreigner in Romanian popular epics notes for a folkloric imagology /107 Irina CĂRĂBAŞ November 1948: a written test on socialist realism/119 Andreea Gabriela IONESCU-BERECHET Divas – the blazing weapons of socialist propaganda/139 Alma KARASALIU QOSE Character individualization in Swift’s satire Tale of a Tub/145 Simona GALAŢCHI Paralleled characters in the dramatic works of Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu/157 Sorin…