Diversité et Identité Culturelle en Europe
DICE Review 12.2 – November 2015
Issues / 11th November 2015

Issue 12.2 of the DICE Review has now been published. To download it, please click on the link below: DOWNLOAD: Download Abstracts Download DICE 12.2 Full Text TABLE OF CONTENTS: FUNDAMENTALS OF CULTURAL DIALOGUE Gheorghe CHIVU The Latin Model in early Romanian linguistic writing /7 Lucian CHIȘU Literature in IS-CS – Challenges and Temptations/17 Andreea MIRONESCU A new found social relevance for literature? The case of Romanian postcommunist fiction/35 LITERATURE AND VISUAL ARTS HISTORY Vlad BEDROS The monk, equal to the martyrs? Moldavian iconographic instances/45 Mioara CODLEANU „Scaunul Domnesc” ou de la polysemie divergente et des implications traductives/63 Iuliana MIU La photographie et le corps dans la prose de Mircea Nedelciu/75 CONFLUENCES Mimi-Carmina COJOCARU «Je ne pensais jamais apprendre a mourir» – ou sur le sens de l’être dans la création eminescienne /83 Cosmin BORZA Beyond the myth. The Romanian post-communist revisionism /95 Ioan CRISTESCU The dramatic adaptations of Picu Pătruț and European models /107 Ștefan FIRICĂ L’autofiction: un genre littéraire «féminin»?/117 Ionela Matilda BREAZU The specificity of Romanian compound anthroponyms containing prepositions/125 EUROPEAN CULTURAL IDENTITY AND OTHERNESS IN THE CONTEXT OF NORTH-SOUTH RELATIONS Petre Gheorghe BÂRLEA The sensational literature of Scandinavian Europe/135 Alexandru GAFTON Silence becomes the traveller: a…