Diversité et Identité Culturelle en Europe
DICE Review 14.1 – April 2017
Issues / 11th May 2017

Issue 14.1 of the DICE Review has now been published. To download it, please click on the link below: DOWNLOAD: Download Abstracts Download DICE 14.1 Full Text TABLE OF CONTENTS FONDEMENTS DU DIALOGUE CULTUREL Marcel COURTHIADE Teaching Sanskrit to European Rromanies (or Rroms)/ 7 Roxana-Elisabeta MARINESCU Representing gender in communist and postcommunist Romania / 27 CONFLUENCES Cecilia-Iuliana VÂRLAN Morphological, syntactic, and semantic features of the verb in the Romanian translations from Arthur Schopenhauer’s „The wisdom of life” / 41 Lăcrămioara BERECHET „La colonne sans fin”, le théâtre qui unit les mondes / 55 Oana VOICHICI Poltergeist phenomena in contemporary folklore / 75 CONVERGENCES ET DIVERGENCES IDENTITAIRES Yusuke SUMI The influence of the Romanian language on the Romani idiom of Turda, Romania / 85 Lăcrămioara BERECHET Contre la mimesis. Un théâtre qui recompose de manière paradisiaque / 105 Marinuşa CONSTANTIN A-1 and ÎN-1 (ÎM-1) derivation during 1532-1640. A constructional analysis / 127   READ ONLINE: ISSN: 2067-0931