Diversité et Identité Culturelle en Europe
DICE Review 16.1 – April 2019
Issues / 25th April 2019

Issue 16.1 of the DICE Review has now been published. To download it, please click on the link below: DOWNLOAD: Download Abstracts Download DICE 16.1 Full Text TABLE OF CONTENTS FONDEMENTS Sébastien CHONAVEY Utopie, dystopie et leurs avatars/ 7 Alice TOMA L’architecture de l’information dans le discours scientifique/ 53 Constantin-Georgel STOICA Romanian language in preparing and evaluating students/ 53 CONFLUENCES Ioana VASILOIU The behavioural norm a European institution/ 91 Cătălin STURZA The three postmodernisms. Two generations of Romanian writers facing the west/ 103 CONVERGENCES ET DIVERGENCES IDENTITAIRES Gabriela-Aurelia CHIRAN The contrastive-typological analysis of a fragment from the text Le Château des Carpathes / Castelul din Carpați, by Jules Verne / 123 Firdes VELI MUSLEDIN Onomasiological perspective verbal idioms with key element of Turkish origin / 145 Violeta BUTISEACĂ Intensity operators in Romanian and Spanish / 161 ÉVÉNEMENTS Cristina-Valentina DAFINOIU Review. Anca Ursa and Nora Mărcean, „Limba română medicală. Româna pentru obiective specific” [Romanian medical language. Romanian for specific purposes], Cluj-Napoca, Editura Limes, 2018, 276 p. / 193 READ ONLINE: ISSN: 2067-0931